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Hey everyone quick notice: we're considering (probably) moving to a new non-enjin website. Read more here.

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A new rule has been added that applies only to the Experimental section for the server list.

Servers with threads that are 3 or more Devblogs (game updates) behind will automatically be moved to "Offline & Dead Servers". - This rule is in effect immediately.

You can read the entire rules post here.

[Uber] KahunaElGrande What are the chances of adding the ability to add a tag of the dev blog. so we have Online, Updated, DEV # just have the...
[Admin] Anonymi a Ups, I'm so sorry that i accidentally delete the rules :/ But I was able to recover them

Woops... Again!

[Admin] Shady a posted Feb 5, 16

--Updated April 28th, 2016--

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved. Apparently, an old rule was set to automatically move threads that were 12 months or older to "Offline & Dead Servers", which was causing some servers that have been around a while to keep mysteriously disappearing. The editor also seems to be working fine again.

Enjin appears to be really dropping the ball this time.

Once again, threads are being messed with. KnightsTable and PRISM server threads have been moved consistently to "Offline & Dead Servers" without any log of it happening.

Just as bad, threads appear to be uneditable! Buttons in the editor disappearing, editor being tiny, etc. This update is just to let everyone know that this is not our fault, and you should be upset at Enjin.

Shady, and the staff at Cracked Rust Servers,
Thanks for reading, and apologies for any inconvience caused.
[User] AcTiVE22 Admin would u plz unban me I was checked for hacks bc shitters r mad then when it sent me I spammed spacebar before it t...
[Uber] icedemonzn how do i get my post back


[Admin] Shady a posted Jan 7, 16

Having issues in Rust? go here (click me)!

[User] Fiji Shady i have the lumaemu error [ lumaemu crashed ] i tried the steps u told to do but still it shows the same error i ha...
[User] Zycrox i do not get the server list, please help

Cleaning up...

[Admin] Shady a posted Dec 5, 15

As you're probably all well aware if you've been to the forum section, servers are now being split into two categories. There's an Experimental section and there's a Legacy section. If your post has not yet been moved into Experimental and is still inside the Legacy section, please tell me and I'll move it immediately.

In other news, Afghan gave "Anonymi" and myself what is essentially full access to the site, and I really do thank him for that. We've needed it. Expect some much-needed changes coming soon.

Thanks for reading,

[Uber] John #ShadyaFool
[Uber] King@Clash THANKS Plz keep this community clean before it was really hard to find a new server that is ONLINE XD Thanks again.
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