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Looking for insurgency server to play on.

Do you play insurgency?.
Do you host a server for insurgency?.
Speak English(Talk)?.

If the answer is yes for any questions.
Please message me on here and we can play together or i can join your server.

Haven't got insurgency? Well get it it from here.

[Member] daviocanyon Any servers at all ? ...
Hello users i'm looking for some server owners with some spare time to help me out.
I need someone who can help other people make a server, basic support.


  • Own a server or had a server.
  • Over the age of 16
  • Have at least 1-2hours of spare time each day.
  • Knows the ins and outs of Rust
Note: The requirements are there for quality control. If you have a server on my forums you will get the new "Official" label added to your server. Basic perk of the job adding more perks soon.

Please apply here
: and say you want the Support job.

Thanks for your time and help.

[Member] Kriegs;elone hey dude i would like to help you my name is laseromck
[Owner] ™ ๖ۣۜAfghan_Kush®© a Please read again and get back to me.
[Member] The Ronin 76561199286328064 i would like to join the server. Le Ronin thank you
1.First you need to get Visual C++ 2013 (Google it)

2.Then you need to download the game.
Once you have download and installed Visual C++ 2013 you can now install the game.
4.Start the .Bat file that says username and type you're username.
5.Start the .Bat file to start the game, after you have done step 4.
6.Find a server on this website by going to the forums and picking one you like.
7.To join a server first start the game and press F1 to bring up the console. You have to type net.connect (the ip) Like this "net.connect IP:PORT"

There you go it should load the game and you will be playing.

If you get stuck at the startup it's because you have to download Visual C++ 2013
[Member] Bumbu the page doesn t exist...update all this forum please...there s no work rust client...and all server told me "conne ...
[Member] cakekindel Hey there's an issue here I found out that's an old version and mine is new (Jan13 2014) is where ...
Hello everybody we hope you have wonderful time on our website.

Anybody can post a server for people to join.
This website is for people with the cracked version of rust.

You can Upvote and Downvote to see what servers are the best to play on.

Hope you have a good time here.
- shaun

[Member] -Space net.connect nick:-Space Hey guys i'm new on Rust and I would ask if I could play in your serv ...
BASEER x uid: 76561197960659218 nick: BASEER plzz accept my request and add me
[Member] asdasd uid:76561197967026448 nick:Mr.KonciusLTU

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