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Looks like Enjin has gone and messed up thread titles again. We're sorry!

Just a quick update to let you guys know that we've opened a support ticket with Enjin to try to figure out why our server titles keep getting reverted to a very old version. This is not on our part, and there appears to be nothing in our logs.
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Having issues in Rust? go here (click me)!

[User] Zycrox i do not get the server list, please help

Cleaning up...

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As you're probably all well aware if you've been to the forum section, servers are now being split into two categories. There's an Experimental section and there's a Legacy section. If your post has not yet been moved into Experimental and is still inside the Legacy section, please tell me and I'll move it immediately.

In other news, Afghan gave "Anonymi" and myself what is essentially full access to the site, and I really do thank him for that. We've needed it. Expect some much-needed changes coming soon.

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[User] John #ShadyaFool
[User] John Very good cleaning up Shady. If only you had joined the Dark Side. ______________________________________ &amp...
[Uber] King@Clash THANKS Plz keep this community clean before it was really hard to find a new server that is ONLINE XD Thanks again.

1.First you need to get Visual C++ 2013 (Google it)

2.Then you need to download the game.
Use one of the mirrors. Once you have download and installed Visual C++ 2013 you can now install the game.
4.Start the .Bat file that says username and type you're username.
5.Start the .Bat file to start the game, after you have done step 4.
6.Find a server on this website by going to the forums and picking one you like.
7.To join a server first start the game and press F1 to bring up the console. You have to type net.connect (the ip) Like this "net.connect IP:PORT"

There you go it should load the game and you will be playing.

If you get stuck at the startup it's because you have to download Visual C++ 2013

[User] r3ed when start just stay black screen dont join to main menu
[Admin] Anonymi a Latest version
[User] icebearltu looking for good full pvp sever

Thanks For 5,000 users!.

[User] unformedamoeba need help get me every time I try I get a server , failed conection
[User] alibassam Where to download Rust?
[User] ramiro101 I need the link the server plzzzz
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